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Spearfishing is the most sustainable and ethical form of fishing when done correctly.

Our club promotes this with education and training in the intention to preserve our resources for future generations. Being educated on rules, regulations and fish species goes hand in hand with good practice spearfishing. The fish limits are purely an upper limit not a target number, and we encourage only taking what you need.

Any breaches of MPI rules and regulations or bad behaviour while representing our club will be reviewed by our committee with the potential of the offenders being expelled from the club.

Good practice spearfishing involves knowing when to pull the trigger and handling of your catch. All fish should ideally be spiked straight away and stored out of the water.

Spearos should always have a dive buddy, have a dive flag and be familiar with the tides and weather for the duration of the dive.

Local knowledge of any potential dive spot is advised. It is our belief that if we can encourage training and good practice we will not only ensure the preservation of our coast line for future generations but  also increase the safety of our members while spearfishing.

Ian Barker - President and 2021 South Island Spearfishing Champion

Ian's passions are being in the water and helping other people to enjoy the things he loves about living in NZ. He works as a professional freediver for kina and paua in addition to running the Ocean Hunter spearfishing equipment shop in Christchurch. Ian also organises weekly pool training sessions Tuesdays 7.45pm at the Graham Condon Pool. 

Ph. 027 937 7747

David Packman - Events Organiser

David is an all round fantastic guy who, besides from his obvious good looks, prides himself on his excellence in spearfishing. His finest quality however is his modesty.

Ph. 027 272 1145

Erika Renström - Treasurer

Erika grew up on the icy lakes of Lapland. Arriving in New Zealand 20 years ago she took straight to the water and learned to free dive in Stewart Island with a too-small wetsuit an onion catch bag, split fins and a hawaiian sling. Her skill hasn't much improved but her gear is better now.

Alisdair Lean - Committee

He's an other half, a parent, teacher, coastguard skipper and spearo. Not always in that order, it depends on the sea... His motto is 'Catch just enough for today - it means you have to go out again tomorrow!'

Ian Barker
Ian Barker
David Packman
David Packman
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Erika Renström
Alisdair Lean
Alisdair Lean